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GD501 - Plug & Play Mountable LPG Gas Alarm

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GD501 - Gas Alarm - LPG and Flammable / Combustible Gasses - Self contained - low cost - Plug into a power point & you're up and running.

Product Details:

  • Detects most types of combustible gasses including LPG, natural gas, petrols, solvents, methane, etc.
  • Relay output.
  • Ideal for domestic or commercial use and can prevent gas leaks going unnoticed.
  • Powered by AC240 volts
  • Plugs into a normal power point and requires no other installation.
  • If a gas leak is detected at 10% LEL the loud alarm sounds a warning. (100% LEL is the point at which combustible gasses can ignite and having a warning at 10% of this level is the safer option).
  • The gas is detected before the dangerous level is reached, therefore providing a large safety margin.
  • The unit has a LED and is designed to be mounted on a wall in a suitable position to detect combustible gasses near the source such as a gas cooking stove, gas hot water heater or other gas appliance.
  • Completely self contained with a small, attractive package.
  • Also available with a relay output to connect to alarm systems or gas shut off devices. (Contact your licensed gas fitter).
  • Size: 125 x 70 x 35 mm.
  • Response time: 30 Seconds

Links & Product Sheets:

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