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Perfectea - Tea Thermometer w/ Lid & Clip

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Perfectea is a tea thermometer to help the discerning tea drinker ensure that the water to steep or brew the tea is at the correct temperature. Various teas are marked on the dial. Also has the perfect & safe drinking temperatures marked on the dial.

Product Details:

  • The temperature at which you brew your tea is important. Too high a temperature and delicate leaves may burn and give a bitter flavour to your tea. This Perfectea thermometer will help you to ensure your tea is perfect every time!
  • Place the probe of this very stylish Perfectea Tea Thermometer either into the spout of the tea pot or remove the lid of the pot & use the thermometer clip or the universal plate to place the thermometer probe into the tea pot (or into the bottom of the diffuser in the pot). If brewing your favorite tea directly in your cup, place the Perfectea straight into your tea cup . The end of the probe must be at least 5cm or more into the water.
  • Use the markings on the dial to ensure that your tea is brewing at the correct temperature.
  • Once suitably brewed, wait for the temperature to reduce to below 65°C before drinking your refreshing, relaxing cups.
  • ​All of the perfect temperatures for various tea types are marked on the dial as well as on the packaging.
  • The dial is 40mm diameter & the probe is 150mm long.
  • All hot drinks should be consumed below 65°C to ensure safety of your mouth and oesophagus (as per W.H.O. advice).
  • A comfy temp to drink hot drinks is between 50 - 55°C however this is personal choice (as long as it is below 65).
  • It’s waterproof & dishwasher safe

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