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89188 - Pocket Sized Digital Anemometer w/ Temp, Humidity, Dew Point & Wind Chill

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DIGITAL Thermo Anemometer with RH% (relative humidity). Air Flow/Speed, Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Wet Bulb Temp and Wind Chill Readings. Fits in pocket.

Model: 89188

This small pocket sized unit is ideal for all types of air flow as well as:

  • Temperature readings
  • Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Windchill
  • RH Range is 0-100%

The inbuilt impellor rotates with the air flow and displays the speed of the air from 1 up to 20 Meters per second (0.8 to 72 Kmh). The temperature of the air is also displayed at the same time from -15 C up to + 50 C. Update time = 1 second for air flow; 2 second for temperature.

Features an inbuilt tripod mount point for use on site.

Displays air speed in one of 6 units:

  • Knots
  • KPH
  • Met/sec
  • Feet/Min
  • Miles/Hour
  • BF
  • Temperature is in C or F

Auto power-off in 5 minutes, however, this can be disabled if required.