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S270 - Remote 4G SMS Monitoring & Alarming Unit (Temp & Humidity, Relay Out, Digital & Analog In) w/ Temp & Humidity Sensor

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S270 4G SMS Alarm for temperature/RH, analog and contact monitoring. 2 an, 2 Digital, 2 relay out

Product Details:

  • 4G SMS Alarm with 2 Analog in (4-20 / 0-10V), 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Relay out and 1 Temp + RH supplied ext sensor.
  • AC240 V power with backup battery for sending SMS if external power fails, External DC power 9 to 36 V supply for mobile applications.
  • Includes a free app for your phone to control and monitor remotely from any mobile.
  • Monitors temperature, humidity and analog inputs and compares the levels to your set points and sends an SMS to mobiles if anything is outside these limits.
  • Also monitors contacts with digital inputs for activation (like alarm , flood, gates, thermal cutouts etc) and sends a SMS message when alarmed
    Includes data logger for all values
  • Complete with PC setup software, usb cable, and a no monthly charge SIM card ( $0.15 SMS) for you to activate.
  • Complete with PC setup software, usb cable, and a no monthly charge SIM card ( $0.15 SMS) for you to activate.
  • 10 telephone numbers for SMS Alert and Dial all or as specified when alarmed.
  • GPRS cloud logging of alarms if required as an upgrade
  • Suitable for all Australian phone networks. (our supplied SIM is on OPTUS)
  • 1 power output for transducers or detectors or sensors
  • Analog inputs can be used as another 2 contact inputs
  • Can be configured for addtitional PT100 temperature sensors
  • Free setup before shipment if you supply details (form available)
  • Most settings changeable remotely after install.

Product Specifications:

  • 1x Temp + RH input (-50 to +125C), 2 x Digital switch inputs,
    2 x Analog inputs (4-20mA,0-20 mA, 0-5VDC) and 2 x Relay (AC240 V 5 A) outputs
  • Metal enclosure for mounting
  • Includes all parts required
  • 12 Bit accuracy on the analog inputs
  • Has 2 relay outputs for control
  • Easy to program and setup or HLP will setup for you upon request
  • Small package size 168mm*113mm*26mm(external maximum size)
  • Hi-gain antennas available as an option SMA connection
  • Plug in connectors for ease of use
  • 100 K Menory points

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