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HLP Controls

Solar DC Isolator - HLP 32 AMP 1200V

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Model: HLP CB4 -32 - Specifically developed for arduous DC disconnect applications, the HLP range of Solar Isolators feature all required features. This item is a 32AMP 4 Pole DC Isolator Rated up to 1200 V. With a 4 Pole IP66 approved enclosure suitable for outdoor or indoor use.
Highest quality and in stock.

Model: HLP CB4-4

Model: HLP CB4-32 -

  • Solar DC Isolator
  • 4 Pole isolator with Lockable box IP66
  • Heavy duty plastic enclosure
  • IP66 waterproof - 1 x 32mm, 2 x 25mm screwed entries
  • Fully enclosed with opaque door - lockable, Spring loaded
  • Maximum 32 amps per pole, maximum 1200V per pole
  • Switch 2 strings independently
  • Switch up to 30KW with 1 unit!