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Meat Mate - Dual Probe BBQ/ Oven Thermometer w/ Bluetooth

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Product Details:
  • Meat Mate, Self Contained, high temperature thermometer with 2 x 1 metre High Temperature Wired Probes.
  • Each of the food grade stainless probes can withstand up to 300°C also are plug in and are easily replaced if damaged.
  • The Stainless Braided wire is also high temperature. While the main unit with digital display has a MAX temperature of 60°C
  • Free App for iPhone and Android
  • The app also has different meat done ness settings and can also include a timer function, turn over or baste time.
  • Monitor the BBQ or Oven from anywhere within the Blue tooth range.

 Links & Product Sheets:

  • How to perfectly cook Pork Roast in BBQ with the Meat Mate: