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Temp Zone 1 Base Station - Wireless Data Logger Base Station

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The Temp Zone 1 Base Station is for use with our Temp Zone 1 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensors. Sensors are available in Temperature Only or Temperature & Humidity, and you can save 10% on goods by purchasing them as part of our Temp Zone 1 Starter Kit. 
Product Details:
  • Base Station Requires an Ethernet & Mains Power Connection via the supplied leads.
  • You are able to add up to 100 sensors to each base station, and additional base stations can be added in as needed for larger locations & sensor requirements. 
  • You are able to login to the portal via any internet browser and have a live view of your units current temperatures.
Product Specifications:
  • Temperature Sensor with 2m Probe Range is -40°c ~ +125°c
  • Sensors have up to a 3 Year Battery Life and can be replaced as needed. 
  • Sensors are Waterproof
  • Approximately 200m Base Station to Sensor Range 

Please Note:

  • Sensors also available in Temperature & Humidity
  • Online Monitoring & Alerts require a subscription per sensor, the subscription is $73 per year. The first 12 months is included within the purchase price. 
  • A Setup Form is required to activate these units, this form can be found under the links below. 

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